Rumour or reality: A big news from Gujarat may hit the headlines?

By IndianMandarins- 25 Nov 2020


New Delhi (25.11.2020): Gujarat may hit the national headlines and may resonate all over the country. This is something being hotly debated in the close quarters in Gujarat. The news may and may not be related to decisions on COVID-19 pandemic management. Beyond curiosity, it appears to have set a storm of speculations. Sources in Gujarat say that by this evening some big development may hit the national headlines.

Other reliable sources in Gujarat say that nothing of sort is expected and the rumor may have emanated after a Saurashtra-based newspaper published a post today without any specific details and it may be a rumor only.  

Update (6.20 pm): Reportedly, the above-mentioned media organization withdrew its post proving it a mere rumor.   

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