06 Jt Directors with CBI reshuffled in a sudden move

CBI Joint Directors

Immediately after the row over Matang Sinh as many as six Joint Directors with CBI have been transferred and have been given new assignments. CBI calls it a routine transfer. Joint Directors who got new assignments are;

Prabodh Kumar IPS 1988 PB Jt Dir CBI

Prabodh Kumar (IPS:1988:PB) in-charge of investigations in several anti-corruption cases has been transferred to the Banking Services and Fraud Unit.




R P agrawal IPS 1986 AM Jt Dir CBI

Joint Director R P Agrawal (IPS:1986:AM) replaces Prabodh Kr as in-charge of investigations in anti-corruption cases.




Rajeev Sharma IPS 1990 RJ Jt Dir CBI

Rajeev Sharma (IPS:1990:RJ), Joint Director with Banking Services and Fraud Unit has been shifted to Economic Offences Zone-I.




Ashok Tewari IPS 1993 HP Jt Dir

Similarly, Joint Director Ashok Tewari (IPS:1993:HP), in charge of 2G Spectrum cases, has been shifted to the agency probing the conspiracy angle of the assassination of former PM Rajiv Gandhi.




Anurag Garg IPS 1993 HP Jt Dir CBI

Anurag Garg (IPS:1993:HP), Joint Director (Training Division), replaces Tiwari as in-charge of 2G Spectrum cases.




R S Bhatti IPS 1990 BH Jt Dir CBI

Joint Director (Policy & Media Relations) R S Bhatti (IPS:1990:BH) has been given the additional charge of technical & Forensic Unit.


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