36 officers (34 IAS, 01 IES & 01 IRS IT) appointed as Addl Secy (GoI): A glance



As many as 36 Joint Secretary rank officers have freshly been promoted and posted as Additional Secretary which includes 18 IAS officers of 1985 batch. 54 IAS officers of 1985 batch have recently been empanelled to be posted in the rank of Additional Secretary. All 36 appointments are as follows:   

Name & Cadre

Posted as  

Appointed (newly) as

Nikhilesh Jha (IAS:84:MN) In Manipur MD, National Water Mission (WRRD&GR)
Ms Preeti Madan (IES:81) JS, Minority Affairs Member Secy, NCW (Women Commission)
R Subramanyam (AP) JS, Rural Dev Addl Secy, Higher Education (HRD)
J R Krishna Rao (IAS:85:BH) JS, Defence Prodn Dept of Ex Serviceman Welfare (MoD)
Arun Kr (IAS:83:AM) JS, Mines Addl Secy, Social Justice & Emp (MoSJE)
Usha Sharma (IAS:85:RJ) ADG, Tourism Addl Secy, Dept of ARPG
Ms Surina Ranjan (IAS:85:HY) JS, Defence Addl Secy, Dept of Defence Production
Sunil Kr Singh (IAS:83:BH) In Bihar AS&FA, Dept of Agri Research & Education
Yogendra Tripathy (IAS:85:KN) JS&FA, HRD CMD, FCI
Bhagwati P Pandey (IAS:83:UK) AS&FA, Commerce Addl Secy, Ministry of Power
S K Krishna (IAS:85:AM) JS, Disinvestment AS&FA, Petroleum & NG
Dr M M Kutty (IAS:85:UT) JS, MoEF&CC Addl Secy, MoEF&CC
Upendra Pd Singh (IAS:85:OR) JS, Petroleum Addl Secy, Petroleum (Post upgraded)
Deepak Kr (IAS:84:BH) AS, Labour & Emp DG, ESIC
H L samariya (IAS:85:TG) JS, Fertilizer Addl Secy, Labour & Emp
Sailesh (IAS:85:AM) JS, MHA Addl Secy, MHA
Sanjeev Ranjan (IAS:85:TR) JS, Defence AS&FA, Road Transport & Highways
J K dadoo (IAS:83:UT) JS, Commerce Addl Secy, Commerce
Sameer Sharma (IAS:85:AP) JS, Urban Dev. Addl Secy, Urban Dev. (Post upgraded)
Arun Goel (IAS:85:PB) JS, Revenue Vice Chairman, DDA
Arvind Mehta (IAS:84:HP) JS, Commerce Addl Secy, Commerce (Post upgraded)
Ms P Subramanyam (IAS:85:TG JS, Textiles Dev Commnr (Handicrafts) Post Upgraded
Ajay Kr (IAS:KL:IAS) JS, Electronics & IT Addl Secy, DEIT (Post upgraded)
Kavita Gupta (IAS:85:MH) ADG, DGFT, Mumbai Addl Secy, Dept of Atomic Energy
Ms Alka Panda (IAS:83:OR) ADG, BIS DG, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)
S N Tripathi (IAS:85:OR) JS, MSME Addl Secy, MSME (Post upgraded)
C Chandramauli (IAS:85:TN) RGCCI (MHA) JS rank RGCCI (Post upgraded to Addl Secy)
B N Sharma (IAS:85:HY) JS, Min of Power Addl Secy, Min of Power
K B agarwal (IAS:85:JK) JS, Health & FW Addl Secy, Health & FW (Post upgraded)
G C Murmu (IAS:85:GJ) JS, Expenditure Addl Secy, Expenditure (Post upgraded)
Madhukar Gupta (IAS:85:RJ) JS, DPE Addl Secy, DPE (Post upgraded)
Ms Kiran Soni (IAS:85:RJ) Textile Commissioner Textile Commnr (Post Upgraded to AS)
Anup Wadhawan (IAS:85:UK) JS, Dept of Fin Service Addl Secy, DFS (Post upgraded)
Sudhir Tripathi (IAS:85:JH) Dy Election Com (CEC) Dy Election Commnr (Post upgraded to AS)

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