Akhilesh hires a US political consultant

up election, akhilesh yadav
Akhilesh Yadav has hired a US-based political consultant Steve Jarding to deploy his team on the ground. He has started preparing a jumbo network of dedicated workers. Claiming their target is 30 lakh such workers, SP workers said 15 lakh have already been identified. They will dedicate themselves to working exclusively on promoting Akhilesh. They will be based in villages across the state to spread his message of development among the masses.
Part of “Samajwadi Vikas Yojana Pramukh”, these volunteers will help villagers address their day-to-day problems with government services. They will be connected with a centralised ‘facilitation-cum-call centre’ being developed in Lucknow. A special software has already been developed to connect each of these volunteers through the facilitation centre in Lucknow through Android phones.
A further selection of volunteers is reportedly on. SP sources said Jarding would personally train at least 4,000 “master trainers” who would then go out at block levels to train more.
The SP’s campaign, as devised by Jarding, will focus on the theme “Entitlement vs Empowerment”.

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