Appointment of 07 Governors expected shortly?


Govt of India

The Narendra Modi government is expected to appoint Governors in at least seven states in coming few weeks. Five posts of Governors are presently vacant in Bihar, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura & Manipur. Punjab Governor Shivraj Patil is completing his long tenure on January 21 whereas Himachal Pradesh Governor Urmila Singh will be completing her five years long tenure on January 24.

Tamil Nadu Governor (K Rosaiah) and Odisha Governor (S C Jamir) will also clear the decks for two to hold the Governor posts; though in coming months. Mizoram Governor Aziz Qureshi may also feel the heat but only after the Supreme Courts would come up with its response against Zamir’s objections on centre’s suggestion to clear the deck.

Interestingly, Minority Affairs Minister Nazma Heptullah’s name is supposedly final for Governorship; either for Punjab or for Himachal Pradesh.


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