Ashok Prasad & Asif Ibrahim tipped for joint-task

Ashok Prasad, Asif Ibrahim IPS

  Ashok Prasad, Asif Ibrahim IPS

The incumbent Special Secretary (Internal Secretary) MHA, Ashok Prasad (IPS:79:AP) and former IB Chief S Asif Ibrahim (Rtd IPS:77:MP) may soon take up a joint tast to check the radicalisation of Kashmiri youth and thwart the designs of terror groups like ISIS. Union Home Secretary L C Goyal has entrusted the task to Ashok Prasad (SSIS, MHA) who has wide experience of the J&K affairs as former DGP of the state.

S Asif Ibrahim IPS

It is learnt that the former IB Chief Asif Ibrahim may also be roped-in shortly whom Modi Govt has recently entrusted with the responsibility as Special Envoy for Counter Terrorism and Extremism. The Modi Government has been consistently acting on its commitment for zero-tolerance for anti-national moves. Though differently, but Indian Government’s latest action on Myanmar border is testimony to it.

In the wake of alarming reports of growing radicalisation of Kashmiri youth, the Modi Govt will soon come up with a robust plan well before the outfits like ISIS spread their wings in the country.

The central security agencies have warned against the growing radicalisation of the youth which recently manifested in frequent waving of Pakistani and ISIS flags during demonstrations in the Valley.


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