BJP to appoint Bajpayee as new media cell chief; who is he?

Hitesh Bajpai, BJP Media Convenor

Hitesh Bajpai, BJP Media Convenor

The BJP may not take a call on position vacant in the organisation of Central BJP soon but the party may give the responsibility of media to Dr Hitesh Bajpayee – the media in charge of the Madhya Pradesh BJP. The incumbent media in charge Srikant Sharma is national secretary of the BJP as well as in charge of Himachal Pradesh. Reportedly, other co-conveners of the media are unable to take care of the media resultantly damaging the party image.

So the party is planning to appoint a fulltime media convenor and Hitesh Bajpayee has been doing it with dexterity for quite sometime. He managed last Lok Sabha elections and Assembly elections very well. So in all likelihood, he is the man for the new responsibility of the media at 11 Ashok Road, Delhi.


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