Catching the bull by horn; BJP to unfold its game-plan



Kejriwal & Bedi

Bhartiya Janata Party is all set to unfold its game-plan for the Delhi Assembly polls today which is scheduled for February 07. To take the Aam Aadmi Party head on, the BJP plans fielding Kiren Bedi from New Delhi seat against Arvind Kejriwal while the other important leader Manish Sishodia would in all likelihood have to face Vinod Kumar Binni.

Reportedly, former IPS officer Kiran Bedi would be fielded from New Delhi seat against Arving Kejriwal. RSS has already bolstered Amit Shah’s move by saying that it was BJP’s internal matter if it wished to declare Kiran Bedi its chief ministerial candidate. The BJP has plans to stop them from going to Delhi Assembly.

Bedi commands the image of an administrator with fighting instinct whereas Kejriwal commands the image of a fighter having an administrative background. On the other hand Kejriwal still carries the legacy of Anna Hazare’s movement and so does Kiran Bedi.

Here lies the game-plan of Modi and Shah to ‘catch the bull by horn’.


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