CBEC Chairman gets short shrift: Curious case of Najib Shah (Part-IV)


Najib Shah, CBEC Chairman

Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) Chairman Najib Shah (IRS: C&CE: 1979) is taken off from supervising the responsibility of Member (Budget), according to an order issued on November 13, allocating responsibilities of senior officers of the Board. Insiders say the order sets a bad precedence as it reduces the competence and authority of the office of CBEC chairman.

May it be recalled that Shah has been facing unnecessary and avoidable attention reflected in his delayed appointment as CBEC Chairman even as he executed with gusto the additional responsibility of CBEC chairman from August 01, 2015, following the retirement of Kaushal Srivastava on July 31. The fresh re-allocation has assigned Ram Tirath (though a very competent Member, CBEC) with Budget. If Shah’s professional track record and competence had been awarded, insiders say he would have got a much longer shot as CBEC chairman.

It has been an open secret in power corridors as why so much delay in appointment of Shah as Chairman first and then reluctance of keeping up with convention. It is ironical that CBEC Chairman will have fewer roles in budget 2015-16. Is it that Najib Shah has been paying price for his contribution while heading Directorate General of Revenue Intelligence?

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