CEC: funding of political parties loosely governed



Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Nasim Zaidi said on Tuesday that funding of political parties in the country is “loosely governed” under the law and almost 80 per cent of their total funds escaped “scrutiny” owing to lack of required laws in this regard.
He added that “…data with us suggests that out of the total funds available with political parties, contribution amount of less than Rs 20,000 constitutes 80 per cent of total funds.These funds are neither restricted nor prohibited under law and we don’t know the origin of these donations. EC is of the view that political parties should declare all levels of contributions,” he said adding in the absence of laws in this regard, the poll body brought out guidelines to somehow regulate these in 2014.
Addressing a global conference on the influence of money power in the electoral process, he said it was time that comprehensive electoral reforms, which entail enactment of better laws to regulate money usage used in polls by parties and candidates, be introduced.
“Political parties, as loosely governed under the law, they can raise any amount of resources barring contribution from government company and foreign donations and they can spend any amount of money during election campaign in a constituency if it is related to general party propaganda,” he said.



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