Curious case of Srivastava, the former AAI Chairman



Airport Authority of India

People in power corridors are still trying to figure out the reasons for the abrupt and unceremonious repatriation of Ravindra Kumar Srivastava (IAS:1984:JH) from the coveted position of Chairman, Airport Authority of India (AAI).

The level of curiosity seems to be the same when Srivastava was appointed as AAI Chairman. Following his appointment, for several months people were inquisitive about what clicked in his favor. Becoming AAI Chairman was no less than a blessing for him as he didn’t have age on his side to become Secretary in Govt of India.

But soon after his appointment, time took a U-turn and snatched the position from him and he is back to the state where he could expect ACS rank next month after his senior colleague Sajal Chakravarty retires this month.

What has made many curious is the reason and circumstances which led him back and forth. Some believe that since his VRS could not be accepted by the state govt, hence he could not be absorbed in AAI. Others hold forth that he did not lend ears to the concerns of Mahesh Sharma, MoS for Civil Aviation, who is considered among few ministers close to the supreme command. Some also believe that he desired CAG audit on GMR which backfired. In power corridors, there is another theory doing rounds which holds that he was under the watchful eyes of the supreme command which led to his abrupt exit from AAI and unceremonious repatriation to Jharkhand where he will serve till his retirement on 31 May 2017.


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