Delay in Najib Shah’s appointment as Chairman, CBEC; a puzzle for board members


Najib Shah IRS C&CE

One may call it ironies of the system that the post of Chairman, CBEC is being run under the additional charge for more than two months for reasons even senior officials of the board are unable figure-out. Presently, Member (Budget) Najib Shah (IRS C&CE:1979), the senior most member, is holding the additional charge of Chairman, Central Board of Customs & Excise since July 01 vice Kaushal Srivastava.

The interesting aspect is that even though none of the members have even applied for the post. If some credible sources are to be believed Members are more puzzled over the unwarranted delay because none other is claimant of the post. Reportedly, the entire IRS C&CE cadre considers the impeccable track-record of Shah and honours his professional integrity and hence the message regarding the delay is not going down well.


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