Delhi CM scolded for indifference to Aam Aadmi



The Central Information Commission (CIC) has scolded Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s office for “not applying its mind” before transferring the petition of a senior citizen on the status of his pension to 29 departments.

The Commission said it finds it “pathetic” that such an high office like the CMO evolves an unhealthy practice of forwarding RTI applications and directed the Chief Minister’s Office to furnish a white paper on the status of all kinds of pensions in Delhi Government, reasons for non-payment, time of payment of arrears and time of resumption of payment of pension etc. within 20 days.

Information Commissioner Sridhar Acharyulu also directed the CMO to pay a compensation of Rs one lakh to applicant Charanjeet Singh Bhatia and initiate action against all the Public Information Officers (PIOs) who “unnecessarily” transferred the application to others.

“CMO has not applied its mind to the serious issue raised by the appellant and acted like a post office by simply forwarding his RTI application to other departments, who in turn, went on transferring to other departments,” he said.


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