DG Shipping repatriating prematurely

Gautam Chatterjee (IAS: 1982: MH)
Gautam Chatterjee (IAS: 1982: MH)
Gautam Chatterjee (IAS: 1982: MH)

Setting the post of DG, Directorate General Shipping vacant Gautam Chatterjee (IAS: 1982: MH) is repatriating prematurely to the Government of Maharashtra. The Government of India approved his request in its order issued yesterday.

The Directorate General of Shipping, India is the authority which deals with implementation of shipping policy and legislation. It ensure the safety of life and ships at sea, prevention of marine pollution, promotion of maritime education and training in co-ordination with the International Maritime Organization, regulation of employment and welfare of seamen, development of coastal shipping, augmentation of shipping tonnage, examination and certification of Merchant Navy Officers, Supervision and Control of the allied offices under its administrative jurisdiction.


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