FDI flows to India double in Calendar Year 2015


India Map .

Foreign Direct Investment flows into India nearly doubled in 2015 while the US emerged as the top host country for FDI last year, the UN’s trade agency has said. Global FDI flows “unexpectedly” increased significantly by 36%, according to the annual report of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development released.

“Global FDI unexpectedly increased significantly to $1.7 trillion and this is closer to the pre-crisis level and it is the highest since the global financial and economic crisis,” said James Zhan, UNCTAD’s Directorof the Division on Investment and Enterprise.

The US bounced back as the top host country for FDI in 2015 with FDI worth $384 billion, the report said.

The US is followed by Hong Kong ($163 billion), China ($136 billion), Netherlands ($90 billion), the UK ($68 billion), Singapore ($65 billion), India ($59 billion), Brazil ($56 billion), Canada ($45 billion) and France ($44 billion) as the top 10 FDI host economies of the world.


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