Finally CBEC gets regular Chairman: A curious case of Najib Shah


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As ‘Indianmandarins’ had anticipated in its report dated June 30, 2015 the Government of India appointed Najib Shah (IRS C&CE:1979) as regular Chairman of Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC). ‘Indianmandarins’ reported the developments under the title ‘Curious case of Najib Shah- Part I & Part II ’.

Being the senior most Member (Budget) Najib Shah (IRS C&CE:1979) was given the additional charge of Chairman on June 30, 2015 which took more than three and a half months to Govt of India to take a final call on Shah’s appointment.

The extraordinary delay became a grave concern, curiosity & criticism among IRS (C&EC) cadre officers. Credible sources believed that initially Shah was offered a Secretary level post which he declined. Further it became an open secret that the government was reluctant in appointing Shah as (regular) Chairman of the Board. Insiders said there was a juncture when file recommending Shah as Chairman was returned by the top authority. But finally the government appointed him a full time Chairman on October 28.

The appointment of Shah set an example; a rare case in recent times. Shah was senior most (by age) among five members. Since all five members took charge on same date shah was no longer the senior most in board. But yet almost all members of the board stood by Shah as they did not claimed for the post of chairman.

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