Five laws of motion versus three, CIC calls for clarity


CIC, RTI, CBSE, Newtons Law of Motion

Are there three laws of motion or five? This strange question has popped up before the Central Information Commission which has now directed the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to clarify the subject after considering views of a person who claimed to have discovered one of the five laws.

The case relates to Sangrur-based applicant, Amritpal Singh Nafria, who sought to know details of laws of motion, taught in physics school-books of the CBSE. He claims that there are five laws of motion and has given representations to this effect at many levels.

“The Commission holds that it is the duty of the public authority to consider the problem raised by the appellant and understand his apprehensions if the Newton’s Laws of Motion are wrongly interpreted as it will affect the understanding of lakhs of students across the country which need to be addressed by the CBSE,” a puzzled Information Commissioner Sridhar Acharyulu said. The Information Commissioner directed the CBSE to contact Nafria and collect his objections, consider the representation and provide him the action taken report on his concerns.


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