Frivolous complaints and under-trial cases; prime concers of CVC


K V Chowdary

It is routine. Controversies are kicked off against an officer as soon as they are short-listed for better slots and positions. There is a strong undercurrent of resistance against this trend that has destroyed many a bright career.

Therefore, new chief of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) K V Chowdary might have hit the right chord when, hard on the heels of taking up his new assignment on June 09, he suggested that there be tough provisions against frivolous FIRs and complaints against officials just ahead of their senior-level appointment. This is often done with the malafide intent to raise unnecessary controversy to block the elevation of officials to responsible positions.

Chowdary was clearly speaking from experience. His adversaries had tried in vain to block his current appointment. There have been numerous cases like Chowdary’s. As an instance, Prakash Mishra, the then Special Secretary Internal Security (MHA), faced obstacles when he emerged serious contender for CBI Chief. As soon as this matter became public, the Odisha State Vigilance Department lodged an FIR against Mishra. Although, the Odisha High Court subsequently quashed and nullified the FIR on June 20 this year, Mishra had already lost the race.

Reportedly, CVC K V Chowdary these days dreams of expediting thousands of CVC related cases which have been under-trial before various investigative agencies (approx 6,000 such cases pending) for years. Secondly; he also aims at ensuring an environment where civil servants and public authorities could take decisions fearlessly with minimum possible apprehensions against frivolous cases and FIRs representing vested personal interests.


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