IAS fraternity in Karnataka a divided house

 Arvind Jadhav, Karnataka CM
Media reports indicate that the Karnataka IAS fraternity is a divided house. Charges and counter-charges are flying thick and fast. Dirt is being dug out and dished out to journalists. The immediate provocation seems to be the upcoming vacancy of the chief secretary’s post. Ever since the news spread that the incumbent, Aravind Jadhav, may get an additional three-month extension, the atmosphere has turned vicious. First, there were report about Jadhav family’s landholdings. This was followed by unsavoury news about Ratna Prabha, a serious contender for the CS post, being in the eye of a DoPT objection report. In an interaction with a newspaper, Prabha had blamed some of her male colleagues with “malafide intent” and “mysterious design”.

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