India’s 1st woman DGP laments; AAP degenerated into ‘personality cults’


Kanchan C Bhattacharya IPS 1973 DGP Ukd

The ongoing political crises of Aam Admi Party have caused heart-burns to lacs of people including India’s first woman DGP, Kanchan Choudhary Bhattacharya, a retired 1973 batch IPS officer of Uttarakhand cadre. The former DGP of Uttarakhand Ms Bhattacharya had contested Lok Sabha elections 2014 on an AAP ticket from Haridwar constituency.

Riding on waves of alternative politics AAP had successfully made ‘internal democracy’, ‘transparency’ and ‘Swaraj’ as buzzwords of politics. But the recent developments seem to have shattered the dreams of millions of people across the states. Expressing her grief over the latest political crises she says that; “I am not sure at what stage, the party moved backwards and degenerated into personality cults……If the party has to sustain on any of the standards it set for itself, Arvind Kejriwal must sit back and analyse and give back the ideals the party was set up for…….Else the thousands who gave so much of themselves to AK and the party will go away.”


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