Is it AK’s self-goal or media tarnishig AK’s image?



The recent row over Shakuntala Gamlin (acting Chief Secretary to Delhi Govt) and Ashish Joshi (ousted Member-secretary, Delhi Dialogue Commission) have proved that AK’s own actions have been defaming and tarnishing the image of AK and not media. Lt Governor’s office has made it clear that the delay on part of CMO for over 36 hours had necessitated the direction issued to Secretary (Services) to appoint Gamlin as Chief Secretary.

Ashish Joshi (Member Secretary, Delhi Dialogue Commission) files complaint against CM Secretary whereas Shakuntala Gamlin in her letter to Jung accused Kejriwal’s Secretary Rajendra Kumar of making a telephone call asking her not to be in race for the post. She also accused the AAP government of casting aspersions on her integrity to service and levelling false charges.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal (AK) has been accusing media for tarnishing the image of his government. First his lieutenants tried to bann the entry of media inside Delhi Secretariate. Furthur he went on to issue a circular (on May 06) which would have initiated defamation proceedings against media for publishing or broadcasting news that damage the reputation of the his government. Supreme Court though have asked Kejriwal to explain why the need for such circular.

Very few deny that Centre too has its own political motivation causing discomforts to Kejriwal Government but it was equally tough for Shila Dixit to run her Govt’s affairs when Congress ruled the centre and GNCTD as well. Is it AK Vs Centre or AK Vs AK?


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