Is Minister annoyed over panel for ED (North) FCI?



If some well-placed political sources are to be believed the panel formed for the appointment ED (North) FCI has not gone well with the considered opinion of Union Minister for Food & Consumer Affairs. Reportedly, the minister was of opinion that too much of representation of officers from a particular state (interms of domiscile & cadre) would be inappropriate as Secretary, Ms Vrinda Sarup; CMD FCI, Yogendra Tripathi (IAS:85:KN); AS&FA, P K Jha (IAS:1982:UP) and Jt Secretary, Deepak Kumar (IAS:90:UP) belong either to UP as domiscile or cadre state.

Reportedly, a second panel was had to be formed after the first panel invited objections on crieteria pertaining to cadre and domiscile of officers on panel. Gossips are revolving around the act of favour and point of disagreement. Keep watching who will be next ED (North) FCI?


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