ITS cadre restructuring shortly; 766 new posts being created    

 Department of Telecomunication
Indianmandarins has reliably learnt that the Government finds itself in a fix over the complex issue of cadre restructuring of Indian Telecom Service. While the technical work has been shifted to BSNL/MTNL, the ITS cadre is left with almost no role to play in the framework of Department of Telecommunication (DoT).
In this regard, the third round of a Cadre Restructuring Committee meeting chaired by Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha was held on Thursday. It is reliably learnt that just to accommodate the officers belonging to ITS cadre, the Govt has agreed to create 766 posts in DoT. If some sources are to be believed, there are as many as 1,690 ITS officers under the umbrella of cadre restructuring. Of them, 450 ITS officers are serving in the ministry whereas 350 ITS officers are serving under deputation in the centre, states and municipal bodies but rest of the officers are destined to find themselves nowhere and here lie the challenges as for how to accommodate them all suitably. Reportedly, the govt has devised a way out and if everything goes well the cadre restructuring may be declared by the third week of October.
 Further, the ITS Association has demanded that they posted in BSNL/MTNL also for accommodating their officers to avoid declaring them surplus as Modi Govt wants to stand by its poll promises of minimum govt. Creating 766 post with additional 303 post over the sanctioned strength (433) is itself questionable and may lead to court case by other services of the same ministry. The ITS has 463 sanctioned posts in govt and the Delhi High Court has given a direction to deploy them through surplus pool.
The ITS Association has also served a contempt notice against Secretary Telecom for not doing their cadre review. Cabinet Secretary, DoPT Secretary and Secretary Expenditure are also a party.
But many officers belonging to other services differ with the way the ITS cadre has adopted to get their problems resolved. This section says that in 2002, the DoPT had declared ITS as a dead cadre. So by manipulating CAT case at Hyderabad, they are twisting the arm of govt. to get a large number of posts without functional justification.

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