Jan Dhan deposits stabilizing

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The surge in deposits into Jan Dhan accounts after the demonetization is said to be stabilizing now as just Rs. 1,487 crore has been parked in them over 7 days to November 30 against Rs. 8,283 crore in the previous week, FinMin data show.
Deposits in the 25.85 crore such accounts totaled Rs. 74,321.55 crores at the end of November 30, according to the Finance Ministry data.
The overall amount was Rs. 72,834.72 crore in 25.68 crore accounts at the end of November 23.
After Prime Minister Narendra Modi surprised entire nation with demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes on November 8, deposits in Jan Dhan accounts have increased by 28,685 crores. As of November 9, the balance in about 25.5 crore such accounts was Rs. 45,636.61 crore.
Interestingly, the percentage of zero balance account still remains flat at about 22.85 percent despite the surge in deposits.

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