‘Janata Pariwar’ merged to take on Modi; and what else? 

Janata Pariwar Merger

Janata Pariwar Merger

When the centre-stage has fully been occupied by mighty Modi leaving no opportunity for coalition politics, the once strong but now fragmented Janata Pariwar has merged to take him on. Will it be possible for these political parties to overcome internal contradictions which are looking for more space in this new era of politics?

After enjoying power in the era of coalition & regional politics for over two and a half decades all the ‘Kshatraps’ of ‘Janata-Pariwar’ joined hands to restore the glory and power in the era of clear mandate.

But many questions yet remain. How to place leaders like Ram Gopal Yadav, Shiv Pal Yadav and the next generation in SP after the merger. For Bihar, how to place Lalu, Nitish and Sharad Yadav? What role Chautala has in Uttar Pradesh in Bihar and H D Deve Gaouda is a non entity for north India.


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