J&K Guv sets a deadline for brinkmanship


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J&K Governor NN Vohra on Monday asked leaders of both PDP and BJP  to clear their stand on government formation by Tuesday evening. This may or may not end the game of brinkmanship, depending on the calculation of the two estranged alliance partners following the death of Mufti Moh Sayeed.

As the situation stands, both parties could not hope to make any tangible gain in terms of seats if they drive the state to a mid-term poll. At best and worst, they could add or lose one or two seats. But madness always has its own logic.

The problem is both parties are gripped by a rising sense of insecurity. Mehbooba fears – and her fears seem to have originated from a lack of mass mourning on Mufti’s death – that her family party PDP is seen giving in too much to the BJP. On the other hand, BJP’s fears stem from being increasingly seen in the Jammu region as backtracking on its poll promises for ensuring equality for the region versus the valley.

Fear, as everyone knows, doesn’t help resolve a problem. What will help the interests of the two parties and the frontier state is clarity of vision in ensuring the equality of regions in allocation of financial resources for development. They can, if they choose, cement their relationship through transparent and honest spending of the huge amount of money Indian taxpayers are paying for making the state stand up on its feet and not live on the unearned subsidies that have corrupted its soul and politics.

Written by: M K Shukla (Editor)


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