Julka asks PSU chiefs to adapt to media changes



Bimal Julka,  Information Commissioner, Central Information Commission, highlighted the changing scenario of media landscape with the advent of digital media. He urged senior executives of PSUs, gathered to attend SCOPE’s two-day Media Relations Conclave for CEOs and Spokespersons of Public Sector, adapt to the changes and be proactive in promoting themselves.
Nirmal Sinha, Chairman, SCOPE and CMD, HHEC said that PSUs need to embrace the digital media platform in order to promote Prime Minister’s vision of e-Governance through Digital India initiative. Mr. Sinha also said that PSUs need to enhance their brand image as their contribution towards nation building is next to none.
Dr. U.D. Choubey, Director General, SCOPE said that PSUs need to build a strong relation with media to thwart negative publicity around them and also to create a brand image for themselves. He also said that Public Sector should come out with Board  approved policy on media relations to establish efficient and effective communication channel.
 The conclave was attended by CEOs, Spokespersons and Senior Executives of Public Sector and a number of prominent journalists.

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