Kejriwal versus Sisodia: end of curious equation ?


A letter last week become a matter of discussion among many senior bureaucrats which indicates that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal may be preparing this time to get into a fight with his deputy and education minister Manish Sisodia. It shows that the CM holds the dy CM responsible for delay in payment of salaries to the securities guards deployed with Delhi Govt schools. Citing the non-payment and delayed payment of salaries of about 625 security personnel (hired by the pvt security agency), the letter points out that many of them received their salaries till December 2015 while many till January and February this year. Kejriwal wants Sisodia to resolve the issue by March 24.

Kejriwal is said to have used “very harsh words” to scold Sisodia. He has termed the state of the affairs as a highly irresponsible one on the part of his trusted colleague. In his two-page long noting on the issue, he is said to have remarked that Sisodia had been acting merely as a postman between Education Ministry and CM Secretariat.

Sisodia has been asked to submit his action taken report (ATR) by 24 March.

Recently, Kejriwal was in news not for not only scolding one of his ministers but also forcing him to apologize to a school principal for his doings.

Delhi politics observers believe that centralisation of power and supreme command culture have become order of the day in the national capital. Consequently even senior ministers like Sisodia aren’t treated with respect.


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