Kejriwal’s resignation and a new game-plan


Arvind Kejriwal resignation

Is it Kejri’s gameplan or he is really a martyr? Even a political novice understands that he wants to encash on his resignation on Janlokpal into a long-term investment for the Lok Sabha polls.

In a way, it is the end of game one, and the start of another, far more powerful league where the Aam Aadmi Party has staked its all. Kejriwal’s resignation was a combination of two factors: disinclination to govern given its demands and a game plan that he reserved and will unleash now. But for the moment, the picture is not as pretty as the Aam aadmi Party would have ideally wanted. No matter how the party perceives it, the end of the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi was not prompted by a face-off over corruption. Neither did it come because both national parties toppled it. In fact, the Congress maintained steadfast support, despite the daily disagreements, and the BJP also went along with the Jan Lokpal Bill. Now one can clearly observe what Kejriwal really wants.


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