Mann ki baat?

Mann Ki Baat

Prime Minister Narindera Modi’s “Mann Ki Baat” to touch hearts of the masses, is seen is the excellent move of Modi to keep people informed about the various initiatives of his government; he became the first Prime Minister connecting to the general public so frequently and differently.

Prime Minister’s initiative using official media to reach out not only well connected urban population but also rural masses residing in the remotest corner of the country is proving boon for All India Radio.

His non-dependence on his official colleagues to promote achievements of his government and requesting for new ideas from common masses is a big hit. This is also helping him to shut the mouth of his critics presenting his view on complicated issues in a simple manner.

Officially started on Dushara, the festival of victory over the evil, October 3, 2014, is now a regular feature on the AIR on Sunday at 11:00 Am. In eight episodes, Modi touched from all hot issues to the common practices suggesting his solutions and seeking public opinion is connecting him to the people directly. Bringing US president on a national programme, is rarest in the history of AIR.

Due to popularity of the show, AIR is generating huge revenue due to popularity of the show selling advertisement slots @ ₹ 500-1500 / Sec to 10-second slot for around ₹ 200,000.


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