One year of Modi Govt: MoD simple in style, hard in hitting

simple in style, hard in hitting


simple in style, hard in hitting
                      “Simple in style, hard in hitting”

Breaking old age British traditions and protocols, Defence Ministry’s working style has changed in the first year of Modi Government. South Block is no longer different than the previous Goa Chief Minister’s office as the style of working remains same.

Moving on to the ground; troops look more focused as the orders are clear and his required needs are taken care of well.

There has always been a sort of confusion on the ground pertaining to to clear orders and quick response to the acts of enemies. Due to vast difference in the outlook and priorities the highest rank officials and political leaders are usually blamed for less understanding of the operational and technical requirements on the ground. But the Defence Minister’s recent remarks made it clear that this was no longer a case now.

There are clear instructions on the ground; “neutralize” the terrorists as they understand the language of bullets only.

Speaking on the one year of Governance Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said; Retaliation orders are clear now and therefore we get request from across the border to stop, when we retaliate on their provocation.


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