Modi & Shah; divergent yet convergent: what makes them compatible?

Narendra Modi, Amit Shah

Narendra Modi, Amit Shah

Why BJP national president Amit Shah is so important for PM Narendra Modi? The PM is leading the government and the BJP president managing the organization have been a perfect match for each other. People in the BJP talk about compatibility of these two leaders despite of differences in their approach and outlook. The PM is man of the masses while Shah is the man of organization. PM always has a good team to execute things but Shah executes things himself.

But the most important thing is that PM is one of the most ambitious people in every sphere. On the other hand there is no visible personal ambition for Shah except the work assigned to him. This appears to be the reason for him not having his own team rather optimum utilizing the resource provided by the organization making them compatible. This suits the both as well!


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