Modi Govt to bridge major statistical shortcoming on job market



The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation will launch quarterly and annual surveys on employment from early next year through the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO). “We are in the process of getting administrative clearances. The methodology has already been finalised and the surveys should be launched soon,” said TCA Anant, the country’s Chief Statistician. This will bridge a major shortcoming in the country’s macro-economic data. The lack of frequent and regular estimates on employment and unemployment in the country is a major problem for policymakers and private sector analysts, who find it difficult to calculate the impact of policies on the real-time job market.
According to the plan, the Ministry will conduct quarterly surveys in urban areas and annual surveys across the country to assess the employment and unemployment situation. At present, official data on employment and unemployment across the country are released every five years by the NSSO. The last such exercise was carried out by the NSSO in 2011-12 and is at present the most current official employment data across the country. In contrast, employment data come out every month in developed countries such as the US and are a critical input for the Federal Reserve’s decision on its monetary policy.

Report: M K Shukla (Editor)


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