Modi haters took it too far ahead of his US visit


Edited Modi Pic

A war of words, a war of statement between two rival factions of Indians is on in the US even before Prime Minister arrives there in a week.

A band of secular and left intellectuals from India, employed in mostly humanities departments of US universities, have set up a coalition in association with few US-born academics to oppose Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agenda of digitalizing India. Numbering about 100, they issued a statement some time ago urging the Silicon Valley not to agree to share its technological skill with India because, from their viewpoint, Modi would “almost certainly” use the technology for ‘surveillance’ and “repress the constitutionally-protected rights of the citizens.

One does not have to be a Modi admirer to realize that these academics are out to hurt India, by hook or by crook.

That is why a large number of professional engineers and doctors and scientists of Indian origin have formed a coalition to counter the leftist and secular band. In a statement sent on email, more than 150 signatories said  “We…, as faculty representing diverse disciplines in the American academy, join fellow Americans in welcoming India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to California’s Silicon Valley on his inaugural visit there September 26-27, 2015.  We note that Prime Minister Modi’s visit comes at a transformational moment in a relationship between the two largest democracies in the world representing 1.5 billion people—one-fifth of humanity”.


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