Modi will steal show from China in US


Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi

Both India and the People”s Republic of China (PRC) will compete for influence in the US this week. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose love for new-age communications tools is well known, will visit the Silicon Valley and have a direct dialogue with top executives of infotech firms like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Tesla, Google, Microsoft and Cisco, PRC President Xi Jinping will meet with representatives of these companies on September 23 at the US-China Internet Industry Forum meeting sponsored by Microsoft.

While NaMo will address a public gathering of about 18,000 in the Silicon Valley, Xi will focus on his interactions with old PRC specialist in the US, who have no direct connection with the Obama administration.

While NaMo’s visit is being preceded by a series of interactions between US and Indian government ministers and officials on energy, commerce and strategic cooperation and will be followed by a summit meeting in New York, Xi’s visit is bereft of US government involvement in most of his programmes, though his visit stretches to seven days against Namo’s seven. While nothing is expected to come out of the meeting between Xi and Obama which is primarily meant to de-escalate the tensions between the two countries on a host of issues, NaMo and Obama are expected to take the two countries forward in deepening the co-operation on several pending issues.


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