Modi’s U-turns on top appointments; too tough on decision making


NextSpectators in power corridors are often keen on making out the decision making patterns of Prime Minister Modi, especially on appointments of top rank bureaucrats. His decisions have astonished the entire bureaucracy several times in the past. Modi not only believes in extraordinary decisions but also makes sure that they are implemented extraordinarily.

Modi inhasitantly takes U-turn on top rank appointments once he makes up his mind to do so. Probably first such U-turn was on R N Chaubey’s appointment as Additional Secretary, PMO vice Shatrughan Singh. ACC cleared his appointment on June 13, 2014 and cancelled it on June 18.

Revenue Secretary Rajiv Takru (IAS:1979:GJ) was shifted out in June, 2014 as Secretary, DONER and later transferred as Secretary, National Commission for Minorities, in September, 2014.

Similarly, Finance Secretary Arvind Mayaram (IAS:1977:RJ) was laterally shifted to Tourism in the mid of October 2014 and transferred for a second time in a fortnight to the Ministry of Minority Affairs.

In the last week of November, 2014 DRDO Chief Dr Avinash Chander was given 18 months extension beyond January 31, 2015 on contract basis but in a surprise move ACC terminated the contractual appointment on January 13, 2015.

The latest U-turn astonished the top order bureaucracy on February 01, 2015 when Urban Development Secretary Shankar Agarwal (IAS:1980:UP) was suddenly shifted to the Ministry of Labour & Employment . On July 24, 2014 he was appointed as Secretary Urban Development but within 190 days Agarwal shifted as Secretary, Labour & Employment.

Amid the buzz over a next round of major reshuffle of bureaucracy, the anxiety has taken front seat as who would be the next to be shifted to a relatively less important department.


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