Ms Gamlin replaces Negi as Chief Secretary, Arunachal Pradesh


 Shakuntala Gamlin IAS, CS Arunachal Pradesh

Ms Shakuntala Gamlin (IAS:1984:UT) has been appointed as new Chief Secretary to the Government of Arunachal Pradesh vice Ramesh Negi (IAS:1983:UT). Relieving Negi from the post only four months before his retirement is being seen as something inevitable. The decision underlines the centre’s approach to handling and settling an issue that had caused it embarrassment in May last year.

In February 2015, MHA and Delhi CM Kejriwal were at loggerheads on the appointment of Ramesh Negi as Chief Secretary of Delhi but finally Negi had to continue as CS, Arunachal Pradesh and K K Sharma (IAS:1983:UT) was appointed Delhi CS in March 2015.

Further, the Delhi LG and Kejriwal had confrontation over the appointment of Ms Gamlin as acting Chief Secretary to the Govt of Delhi following K K Sharma’s absence of leave in May last year. Despite Kejriwal’s strong opposition, Lt Governor Jung had appointed Gamlin to the post. The Chief Minister asked her not to take the charge, but she chose to follow the LG’s order.


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