Ms Teotia & Pujari start their stint as Secretary Commerce & MSME today

Pramod Kumar IoFS, Financial Adviser & Chief Accounts Officer, Department of Commerce, Latest Appointment

Ministry of Commerce & Industries, Govt of India

Ms Rita A Teotia (IAS:1981:GJ) and Anup K Pujari (IAS:1980:KN) start their new stint today as Secretary, Commerce and Secretary MSME respectively. Government of India had appointed Ms Teotia as Secretary Commerce and A K Pujari as Secretary MSME through its order issued on June 02, 2015.

Prior to this Ms Teotia served as Special Secretary, Department of Telecom whereas Aup Kumar Pujari served as Secretary, Mines. In their new stint Ms Teotia replaced Rajiv Kher (IAS:1980:UP) and Pujari replaces Madhav Lal (IAS:1977:JK) who superannuated yedterday; June 30.


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