MSY’s master-stroke


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This was Netaji’s (MSY) master-stroke setting everything in balance in the family, everything in-sync between the govt and the party.

Just look at the timing of two big decisions effected in UP yesterday; first UP Chief Secretary Deepak Singhal (IAS:1982:UP) was replaced with R P Bhatnagar (IAS:1983:UP) and few hours later Shivpal Yadav was made state party chief. Further, just take a look-back at the timing of important decisions which took place in the month of June this year. Deepak Singhal (considered close to Shivpal Yadav & Amar Singh), on 07 July 2016, was appointed UP CS and the very next week (16 July 2016 ) MSY re-inducted Amar Singh in SP National executive. MSY’s each move would appear ‘politically’ correct. All it makes people in power corridors curious as how did it serve MSY’s purpose?

Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav is a troubled man: the more he tries to balance things out, the more things go out of balance. This time around, he has sought to balance the power equation in the family. Hours after Deepak Singhal, seen as close to his brother Shiv Pal and Amar Singh, was replaced as Chief Secretary by R P Bhatnagar, he made his brother Shiv Pal party president. The reason dished out was that the SP wanted Akhilesh to focus on government and governance; and for this reason, it was necessary to hand over the command of the party to a trusted hand. It is also argued that this move would create synergy between the party and the government and thus improve the sinking electoral fortunes of the party.


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