NaMo responds to RaGa, mixes sarcasm with conciliation



Namo making a mince meat of Rahul G is no news. On Thursday (March 03) the Prime Minister participated in the motion of thanks debate in the Lok Sabha. And in his rejoinder to mid-aged Congress leader, he remarked that some people age but don’t grow mature. As to the charge of not showing respect to the elders, he countered wondering what happened to Rahul’s manners when he tore in public a piece of paper carrying the cabinet decision on not barring convicted persons from contesting elections. He also advised Rahul G to learn from Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, J L Nehru and Rajendra Prasad about the art of parliamentary functioning and not stall Parliament’s right to legislate and debate.
On top of the usual NaMo’s style of sarcasm and jibe, he also reached out to the opposition, urging it to help him reform the system in the larger interests of the country. He said the GST bill belonged as much to the Congress as to the treasury party; after all, it was initiated by them; and it would help the economy and people by passing it through. Despite his conciliatory best, it remains to be seen how the opposition responds to his call for cooperation.


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