N Suri, V Prabhakar & A Bisaria get new assignments

Aiay Bisari, Navdeep Suri, Vishnu Prakash

Aiay Bisari, Navdeep Suri, Vishnu PrakashNavdeep Suri (IFS:1983), who was Ambassador to Egypt, will now head to Canberra. He was earlier with the Public Diplomacy division at the MEA headquarters in New Delhi.

Vishnu Prakash (IFS:1981), Ambassador in South Korea, will head to Ottawa in what will be an important role in setting the stage for the PM’s visit. He has also served as the ministry’s official spokesperson in Delhi.

Meanwhile, Aiay Bisaria (IFS:1987), presently Ambassador of India to Poland , has been concurrently accredited as the Ambassador of India to the Republic of Lithuania, with residence in Warsaw (Poland).


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