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He left IAS job to join politics; will he quit politics now?

By IndianMandarins- 10 Aug 2020


In addition to several attributes, leadership is also about assertiveness, consistency, fighting and survival instinct. This is something people expect to accept a person as a mass leader. This is also one of the prominent differences between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. Though Rahul has tremendous fighting instinct he lacks consistency which casts a shadow on his 'survival instinct'. 

But the recent development relates to a nascent mass leader Dr Shah Faesal, a 2010 batch IAS topper, who resigned from IAS job to join politics. Dr Faesal had in January 2019 announced his resignation from the services to "protest against the unabated killings in Kashmir" and to become a voice for freedom of expression. Later he became the founder of the Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement Party (JKPM). But on 08 August he grabbed media and social media attention after he made a few changes in his Twitter profile which now reads as ‘Edward S Fellow @HKS Harvard University. Medico. Fulbright. Centrist’. 

Faesal’s earlier Twitter bio mentioned his role as the JKPM president. Sources said that he is still under house arrest and it wouldn’t be prudent for him to speak.

Sources further said that if he changed his twitter bio or removing his official designation might mean that he wanted to continue in some other capacity. As far as the JKPM is concerned, Faesal as of today is the president of the party,” said a party leader.

All it triggered the speculation whether he would politics now. Though his party spokesperson denied that he was quitting politics but speculation is rife that the IAS topper of his batch might call it a day. In the bureaucratic circle in J&K it is assumed that he may quit politics. A senior government official said Faesal might pursue education abroad but the JKPM rejected the claim.

In case Dr Faesal would quit politics, as it is speculated now, it would raise a question mark on the prudence of his decision of joining politics and his attributes as a mass leader. 

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