IPS Association and ex-acting CBI chief on Journalism?

By IndianMandarins- 29 Aug 2020


The IPS Association has condemned the Sudarshan TV news story that has sought to divide and communalize civil services candidates based on religion.
In a Tweet on August 27 that had attracted, till Saturday 1945 Hours 66,800 likes and 22,500 retweets, the Association said "A news story targeting candidates in civil services on the basis of religion is being promoted by Sudarshan TV.
We condemn the communal and irresponsible piece of journalism."
Responding to the IPSA Tweet, former acting CBI Chief M Nageshwara Rao tweeted “Poking into this non-Service issue is ill-advised for two reasons: first, it's a selective outrage as the IPSA has a history of silence about worst issues. Secondly, it'll further jeopardize already discriminated IPS”
Rao  wondered whether the IPSA's statement is based on its EC's authorization or there is someone else firing from IPSA's shoulder.’

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