No full time Director for IARI since August 2014


IARI Building

A predominantly agro-economy based country like India does not have a full time head for its one of the best agriculture institutions like Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) for past seven months. The post fell vacant ever since its last director H S Gupta retired from the post on August 7, 2014. Despite advertisement put out and interviews conducted, the post has not yet been filled. K Vijayaraghavan, acting Director of IARI, superannuated on 01 October 2014. Present acting Director, Ravinder Kaur, is set to retire shortly.

The selection interview has already taken place but final outcome is yet to take place. Scientists interviewed for the post of Director IARI include; K V Prabhu (Jt Director), K C Bansal (Head of National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources) and N K Singh (Professor, ICAR), P Ananda Kumar (former NRCPB Director), R K Mittal (VC of Rajendra Agri University, Bihar) and M B Chetti (Asstt Director, ICAR).


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