Power, protocol & impatience !

 Gossip, International airport
Buying Haldiram’s Namkeen packet before boarding an international flight is about once own choice. But scolding a protocol officer for delay in getting one for him is something objectionable.
While on a recent visit to a foreign country, a blue-eyed top official landed at Delhi’s international terminus. He was duly received there by the protocol officer. Then the protocol officer was directed by the official concerned to get his boarding pass well before time – a thing which is not possible. When this didn’t materialise, the high secretary-level officer asked for a packet of Haldiram Namkeen. Since the protocol officer did not know the exact location of the outlet, he was severely scolded and asked to get lost – for being most unresourceful and unhelpful.
Indianmandarins heard that an association (of a particular service) may raise the issue on certain platform.

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