Promoting excellence in police training: MHA institutes awards on Republic Day


Home Ministry

Union Home Ministery is all set to mark the Republic Day 2016 with an initiative which aims at boosting the morale and promoting excellence in police training in India. MHA has instituted Award of “Union Home Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Police Training” and “Award of Union Home Minister’s Trophy to the best Training Institutions”. As the inaugural year Republic Day 2016 will mark itself in history. The medal and trophy will be awarded every year on Republic Day in the States and on anniversary of CAPFs/CPs.

As per the scheme altogether 167 medals will be awarded along with cash price of Rs 25,000. Each State will have its quota of medals proportionate to the sanctioned strength which will be reviewed after every three year.

Trophies for the Police Training Institutions are classified in different categories and ranks for the CAPFs/CPOs training institutions, States/UTs Police training institutions.

A running Trophy will also be presented to the winning Institution with Rs. 25 lakh as Grant in Aid. The head of the Trophy winning Institution of all categories will be awarded Home Minister’s Disc.


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