Railway Board; no eligible candidate for Member (Traffic)?


rail Bhawan

The functioning of Railway Board and lack of foresightedness in cadre management has once again exposed. Devi Prasad Pandey (IRTS:1976), the incumbent Member (Traffic) is set to retire on January 31 whereas Railway Board does not even a single candidate to fit into the eligibility crieterion. E Shridharan Committee in its latest report had made it a point that there should be an advance succession plan so ensure that no crucial post remains vacant in railways.

Interestingly, the next prospective candidate for the post is said to be Mohammad Jamshed (IRTS:1979) , Chief Operating Manager, Northern Railway, but he is yet to be empanelled as GM. Those having fair knowledge of Railway affairs say that Ajay Shukla (IRTS:1980) who is set to be designated as Additional Member may be given with the additional charge of Member (Traffic) as best possible alternative. Another possibility is that Member (Electrical) Naveen Tandon may be given the additional charge of Member (Traffic) after D P Pandey retires tomorrow.

Whosoever gets the additional charge of Member (Traffic) but going by the observation of Sridharan report Railway Board should be ready with an advance succession plan.


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