Sharma to take over as Delhi CS; a selective story of his ‘Selection’


K K Sharma IAS UT 1983

Luck and circumstances (new regime at centre as well) seem to have been favouring Kewal Kumar Sharma (IAS:1983:UT) right since the month of December 2014. This time Sharma emerged as the ‘candidate by consensous’. After MHA’s ‘No’ on Ramesh Negi (IAS:1984:UT) the consensous arrived on Goa Chief Secretary K K Sharma who will replace D M Spolia (Rtd IAS:1979:UT) as full fleged Chief Secretary of Delhi.

Initially when the search for the successor of D M Spolia (Delhi CS) started Sharma was nowhere on the wish-list of Kejriwal. But circumstances started shifting into his favour and finally he is set to be the ‘Boss’ of babus in Delhi Govt.

While he was serving (October 2014) as Advisor to Chandigarh Administrator the ACC appointed K K Sharma as Additional Secretary, Dept of Women and Child Development on October 20, 2014 vice A B Joshi (Indian Postal Service officer). Sharma was reportedly, not keen on taking up this assignment. Further the new Government at centre appointed him as Goa Chief Secretary on December 31, 2014. He was also not inclined to Goa CS, though for personal reasons. But he found it even better than the assignment with Dept of Women and Child Development and took over as Goa CS on January 01, 2015. Luck finally brought him his choicest post within two months and he is set to become the Delhi Chief Secretary.

One would certainly find Sharma lucky as circumstances together with the Delhi CM Kejriwal and Home Minister Rajnath Singh brought him the desired post and position which he would certainly embrace.


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