Two officers from UP Govt join Kejriwal led Delhi Govt


Delhi Sectt

Unlike Modi Government at centre Akhilesh Yadav led UP Government took little time to show its solidarity with Kejriwal’s Government in Delhi.

When two officers of UP State PCS, Praveen Mishra (City Magistrate, Ghaziabad) and Kapil Singh (ADM, Moradabad) joined Delhi Govt today, it created a series of buzz among the officers at centre as well as officers in Delhi Govt. Many officers observed and underlined the promtness of UP Govt in relieveing the officers on Kejriwal’s request. Some of the officers picked it as an opportunity to compare UP Govt’s promptness with Modi Govt’s reluctance in relieving Sanjiv Chaturvedi for whom Arvind Kejriwal has shown keenness to induct in his team.


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