Uttarakhand: ST Scale to 05 IAS against IAS Pay Rule


In a rare move, the Uttarakhand Government this week accorded Senior Time Scale to 05 IAS officers belonging to the 2002 batch including one PCS officer promoted to IAS. Officers given ST Scale are Nitesh Kumar Jha (IAS:2002:UD), Radhika Jha (IAS:2002:UD), Shailesh Bagauli (IAS:2002:UD), D Senthilpandiyan (IAS:2002:UD) and Dhondhiyal as PCS officer promoted to IAS.

Reportedly, the Govt’s move was based on the scarcity of officers in the rank of Secretary (Senior Time Scale) which falls under the sole jurisdiction of the State Govt but there are provisions which make it objectionable. As per IAS Pay Rules, it requires 16 years of service in IAS to acquire the eligibility for Super Time Scale which these officers may achieve on 01 January 2018.

Indeed, the Govt could have given them the additional charge of Secretary rank posts in place of giving them ST Scale. In fact, this is practised by many state govts.


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